Monday, July 12, 2010

Keratosis Pilaris (the chicken skin condition)

I've have been searching so long to determine whats my skin condition. It all appear on my upper arms, calf, and now worsen to thighs.
The skin are just like chicken skin with small red or white bumps. It can get itchy sometimes but mild one. It also look like whiteheads which you can squeeze and there's the white thing just like acne. This kind of KP usually appear on upper arms.

While on legs, it is more dark and red in colour. It will not appear like acne whiteheads. It will appear like a small coiled hair trapped beneath the rough bumps. Sometimes my itchy hand peel it off to get the hair out.

Last two weeks, I wnet to see doctor and he gave me some anti-fungal cream to apply. Apply it after bath and then apply lotion cream after 30 mins to lock in the treatment cream. It works and my KP on my arms appearing not that red and feel smoother. Although it is smoother but there still marks there, if untreated the rough bumps comes back.

I will keep you guys updated on my progress. below are some useful links relates to KP.
Hope it helps!


foong said...

How's your KP condition now ?

Vanilla said...

still the same. i've asked doctor. it cannot be cured. the only solution is to apply moisturizer/ cream from doctor which is very expensive.

Anonymous said...

hi vanilla, i'm diwi from KL. also shares the same issue. i'm looking for locals i.e. in KL who have success stories for eliminating their KPs. do share if u have remedies that work. so desperate now

Vanilla said...

Hi Diwi, same faith..definitely will share. to reduce it, u must keep your skin hydrated by applying moisturizer or any body lotion & don't scrub too much. The less chemical the better. Doctor recommended 'Rosken' body cream.