Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mount Kinabalu packing list

Well well, I just went to climb Mount Kinabalu last two months. Thank god, I made it to the top! For those are preparing for the climb, here the list of things you must prepare! Trust me!

Must Bring:
1) A pair of comfortable shoe
- Hiking shoe highly recommended. There are rocks to climb with some string-pulling and it is very steep at the first 2 hours of the night climb. So make sure your shoe not too loose or too tight. I got my hiking at those shops that sells school shoes and it cost only RM10.
Alternatively, get sport shoe with some good brand (do not use Power , recommend Puma or Nike). According to my friend who went with lousy shoe (Power) it get torn during the climb.
2) Socks
- 1 pair of winter socks - when sleeping at Laban Rata and climbing to the summit
- 3 pair of normal socks - wear two pair of socks with your hiking shoes.There will be a lot of stones at the last 2 hours of climb to laban rata. If you can't take 6 hours of non-stop foot reflexology, please double layer your socks for those wearing hiking shoes is not as thick as sport shoe. & spare some socks to change fr the next day of course.
3) Gloves & Raincoat
You only need it when you climb to the summit. Get winter gloves but no leather one coz you need to pull string during the climb. Get disposable raincoat in case it rain.
4) Winter jacket & long john
Wind breaker, long john n long sleeve clothes are enough. People like me, get cold easily can stand with only wind breaker.
5) Short & long pants, T-shirts
-2 pair of short pants & 2 t-shirts to climb to laban rata & back to the base.
-1 pair of long pant. any long pant will do as long as it is not jeans. recommend track suit with long john.
- Long sleeve shirt
6) Energy food and drinks
Get 1-2 chocolate bar and 100plus a must! Dont worry, you wouldnt want to eat much! 2 bottle of 0.5L mineral water and 2 bottle of 0.5L 100 plus. There will be water supply along for refill. Apple give u pleasure!
7)Hand Warmer
-can get it at shops selling those climbing necessities at RM5/packet - can be found in a shop in Warisan Square in 2nd floor or somewhere near Jetty few shops from Cock & bull Bar.
8) Medicines
Panadol (paracetamol) for fever & headache, Some anti-cramp pills (dont know what it called), yokoyoko.
9) Confidence & Determination
Believe that you can make it, take it slowly and follow your own speed. Be careful of the roads, dont step on the tree roots. Enjoy the scenery & no rushing.
Remember! It is tired but you can still make it!

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